Retaining Walls

Bunbury retaining walls components consist of concrete post and panels, all steel reinforced. The 'H' shaped posts are set into holes dug approximately 113cm apart. The depth of the holes must equal the height of the retaining wall required (max depth 1200mm). Walls up to 1.5m high can be constructed. Equal pressures are then created above and below ground level (a cantilever effect). The posts are then aligned, levelled and anchored in a concrete footing. The panels are then inserted into and down the tracks of the posts. The bottom panels are supported by the footing around each post. Each panel interlocks and raises the height of the wall in 150mm increments.
 • Retaining heights to 1.5meters
 • Attractive garden edging
 • Terracing steep slopes
 • Replacing termite infested sleepers
 • Retaining where space is limited
 • Available in natural cream, limestone or economical plain textures
 • Quick, clean and easy installation by either yourself or our professional teams
 • Shire approved and engineer designed for your security
 • Maintenance free - will not fade or deteriorate
 • Suitable for domestic or commercial situations
 • Obligation free on-site assessment


Available in Plain or Limestone
Height              Weight
300mm              28Kgs
450mm              42Kgs
1.05 metres long 

Weight Plain 10Kgs per 300mm length. 
Weight Limestone 10Kgs per 300mm length. 
Available in Plain / Limestone / Corner / 45°/Tee
Wall Height     Post length
0.30m             0.6m     
0.45m             0.9m     
0.60m             1.2m     
0.75m             1.5m     
0.90m             1.8m    
1.05m             2.1m     
1.20m             2.4m     
1.35m             2.4m
Note: 1.5 metre walls require backing panels $22.00 each    

Download Engineering Specification Drawing

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