When mulch and soil conditioners are applied to the soil, fungi and soil bacteria begin breaking down organic matter into individual components thus releasing nutrients in the process. Moisture and air temperature regulate this release as well as controlling the plant growth so the two go hand in hand. Mulches and soil conditioners are probably best described as 'slow release fertilisers’. The advantage of mulching garden beds is that a layer will protect the soil from wind erosion and evaporation in summer. In winter, mulches act as a temperature buffer maintaining soil warmth and promoting healthy growth in the colder months.

We do not and cannot guarantee that our mulches are completely weed free as they are produced and stored in outside environments. 

Enviro Mulch
This mulch contains crushed composite garden and tree waste with tree prunings. Suitable for most situations. Dark brown in colour

Karri & Peat Mulch
Premium mulch containing karri bark and screened peat. The darkest mulch in our range which is long lasting. A quality mulch for most situations

Marri Woodchip
Red gum woodchips in a reddish brown colour suitable for almost every situation

Mushroom Compost
Certified Organic. Spent mushroom compost may not be suitable for growing mushrooms anymore but it is a fantastic product for home gardens and professional horticulture. The composted straw, manure, gypsum, peat and limestone make a perfect blend of rich organic materials to build soil health. It is guaranteed to be clean with no weed seeds, disease organisms or insect pests. Has good water retaining properties

Pine Bark Crushed
Crushed and screened pinebark. This mulch is a light brown in colour and suitable for almost every situation

Premium Compost
A blend of straw, sawdust, chicken and pig manures. Excellent soil builder. Important in soil fertility, reducing stress and disease suppression. Improves soils health and biology. Blend into existing soils

Woodland Brown
Bark chips which are coloured brown. The colourants used are highly resistant to UV fading and do not wash off in the elements. A top up is recommended after 3 years

Woodland Red
Bark chips which are coloured red. The colourants used are highly resistant to UV fading and do not wash off in the elements. A top up is recommended after 3 years.

Soils Ain’t Soils Bunbury recommends mulching to a minimum of 50 - 75 mm in depth. Watering before and after laying mulch will ensure moisture retention into the sub layer of soil. Avoid mulching close to plant stem or trunk of your plant.

Calculating volumes of mulch is easy. Measure length, width, and depth and multiply. Example: 3metres x 4metres x 75mm(or .75metres) = .9 cubic metres (which is about 3 scoops)